Episode 89 Weeks later

Thanks God! Has the recovery started?

My son is getting better. Sometimes I feel as if he has totally recovered.

He doesnt think, say or have anything about imaginary things, thoughts or his richness dreams.

He can see the real circumstances we are in. He also complains about his laid-back and carefree life style. The only problem is that he has no hope to start a job or try to have a better life.

It was the most difficult but he saw the reality and realised in the end that his father had died many years ago and for that reason he now knows his being alive or his living anywhere else is impossible.

Hope he never has such kind of delusions again.

His friendship with the insane man came to an end as well. He now thinks that it was foolish of him that he had believed the man’s imaginary thoughts. He is now on good terms with the family members and not aggressive. The only thing is that he is depressive at times and talks about death. This scares me hard.

He also says that the medicine he has been using affects his body very badly. He says, ” I am going to talk to the doctor about how to stop having the pills”

Is it a temporary recovery?

Or is it possible for him to get rid of the illness?

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