Episode 88 Searching for a clue in vain

Searching for a clue in vain

Today, I remembered that I hadnt talked to the doctor about my son’s only friend, the man suffering with some pscychological problems. He had been even hospitalized a few times. My son has been meeting and talking to him for about 3 years. I had been disappointed and upset for a long time and then I thought it was because my son was so alone. But I had never thought that the psychosis could be a thing that could be shared until I read an article on the net.

I remembered the past and read the episodes I had written about the insane man. Now I connected all the pieces together and the whole picture is that my son shares the man’s dreams, imaginations, even the delusions.

I searched for information for days. I found out that it is a type of the psychosis. As to the treatment, he should never see the man again, but go on having the medical treatment together with therapies.

I wrote to the doctor about my worries and asked about his diagnosis. He didnt tell me that it was a shared thing but he said it was something dfferent which is called ‘Psychotic featured unspecified temperament disorder.’ As far as I understand it is something special to the patient, changable from person to person.This often happens to me. As I search for the mental disorders, I see that the psychological symptoms are so complicated and can be seen in all situations from time to time that it isnt very easy for the doctors to decide on the diagnosis for a patient.

Weeks have passed but things about his situation are changeable. Sometimes forward sometimes backward.

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