Episode 86.The therapies and the treatment!

He agreed to visit the doctor at last. He first talk to him then wanted to have a talk altogether. Me, my son and the doctor. He asked about our relationship and wanted to learn how I see and feel under the circumstances. I told about the problems I have been dealing with and so on. He was taking notes in the meantime. Then he asked me to leave the room and listened to him again.

This therapist prescribed Sitilizan and Cipralex for the 3 months. They didnt change things so much, and I phoned the doctor to see him more often

One more appointment then for the next month he called me to see us together again. He said that my son was now better in conversations and he was getting more openhearted day by day. But as far as I made out from his words the other things hadnt changed so much like the unwillingness to get in touch with other people and to earn his own living The delusions and the unrealistic dreams were still there in his mind. So he changed the medicine and prescribed Depakin and Sitilizan this time.

He has been using them for 2 months but still goes backward or stands at the same point but not much better.

I am thinking that I had better talk to the doctor but then I change my mind and I think I should wait to see the result of the doctor’s treatment.

I wonder whether the doctor could achieve to persuade him to realise that he has got away from the reality and created a new world of his own consisting of his unrealistic dreams and delusions.

When things do not happen or go on in the way he dreams, the disaster begins in his mind and he cant put up with the real life circumstances. He thinks all the people are cruel manuplators, liars and they make the life harder for him. Life becomes more unbearable with the complicated thoughts mind.

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