Episode 84 A little bit understanding!

Today again, I and my mum argued. It made me really feel sad. I couldnt stand but burst into tears as usual.

I always try to make her feel well and happy. I ignore my children but do all the things for looking after her, but she does the same thing again and again in spite of all my warnings. I almost warn her at every moment not to make my elder son irritated by talking about his being redundant, by insulting and wishing bad luck, even by praying to see that he is dead one day. I say I can try to tolerate her, but he cant. He is suffering from a psychological disorder and it isnt by his own will. But she never listens to me!

As soon as she meets him she starts disturbing his nerves. He really gets mad and everything goes backward even his treatment. She makes things more complicated every time, However I really appreciate one thing that my son soon starts talking to her when his anger fades out.

I am not sure whether the therapy will do any good or not under these circumstances.

Not a remarkable change in his attitudes yet!

Still arrogant and cruel at times!

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