Episode 82 The Therapy

He is sometimes being rude especially when rejected. It hurts me deeply.

The psychiatrist called him and invited me, too for the therapy. He first talked to him then wanted to talk altogether. I told the therapist all about how I and the family members got on together with my son. But that made him irritated badly, nervous and even furious. He shouted and said ” No, she is lying.” That broke my heart, too. I left the room quietly not to show my tears.

In the car he was so aggressive that he drove the car home carelessly shouting aloud. He said I was a liar and ungrateful. It was just a betrayal of me but nothing else. There wasnt anything I could do but be silent.

At home he was cruel, too and shouted at me by saying that he would never forgive me and he would never ask for anything from me.

I managed to have the strength not to care about all the things so much as I knew that he would forget it soon when he needed money to go out.

And it happened in that way.

As if nothing had happened he started from where he was before.

Swearing and with insulting words, he asked for money again. I gave him the amount of money I could give him daily.

I dont know where he goes and what he does out at night but in these days he is staying out for longer hours and drives the car till he runs out of the fuel without thinking of what he will do the next day.

The thing that I notice is that he tries to abstain from being rude when grandpa is at home. Especially when we are alone he treats me much more badly. No way but I have to react as he wants. I only hope that the pills the doctor prescribed new will work soon.

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