Episode 81.Shocking Dreams and Great Expectations

I usually try to abstain from talking about the troubles we have had together up to this time hoping that he has forgotten or got rid of the weird thoughts with the help of the therapies and the medicines.

But from time to time, I notice in his words that he tries to make me feel bad because of his expectations from me. He always says he has great dreams about the future and blames me for not helping him realise them.

Cant he really understand that I am not able to back him up with his unrealistic dreams.?

Cant he realise that I even have great difficulty to make the ends meet?

Once, in order to learn what he truly dreams, I said ” Ok my dear I ll try to make your dreams come true provided they are as reasonable as I could do. Please tell me what will make you happy.”

He said : I have had the dream since my childhood. I want to own a very luxirous house, a jeep and a good business to run. While he was talking I felt that he was certainly sure that I could afford all those things if I were to be willing. It was really upsetting.

I was shocked. How can he have such kind of unrealistic thoughts? Why cant he see or calculate our income and compare it with our expenses, let alone his extras. No one -if normal-living under the same circumstances can even imagine or dream such kind of things.

Again it was too tiring to explain that it was totally unrealistic to think in this way and it was impossible to afford the luxury-especially for anyone trying to get by with a monthly salary.

To persuade him in any words is absolutely impossible I know but I cant help trying once more each time .

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