Episode 79 A call to the doctor

A call to the doctor

I was getting worried as he still was sometimes behaving differently like sometimes too much happy, sometimes rather arrogant.. etc.

My son was using the meds the doctor gave for three months . He had said: ” Use the medicine I prescribed regularly then I will see you again!”

When he asked for an appointment, I didnt hesitate a second and called the doctor to arrange an appointment. Two days later was their second meeting. I also requested the doctor to call my son once a month as I have some worries about lwhether the treatment will work or not.

The therapy must have gone well. He seemed obviously relieved. My sons suggested taking me out that night as well. and I agreed as it would be nice to have private time together.

We talked about everything like grannies, my younger son’s future plans, school and things like that. The elder one was really alright. He was making jokes, talking about the family, his situation, the therapy and so on. The dominant topic was their deceased father. They liked mostly to ask things about him. I tried to answer all the questions clearly though, they were still looking for some new stuff to learn.

I realized that my elder son could never forget the times he shared with his father. But as far as I could make out from his words, he attaches too much impotance to his dad and grows him too much in his mind.

He believes he was wise like a genius, there was nothing that he wouldnt know about, he was most sophisticated man ..etc

It is nice that he thinks in this way but wouldnt it be better if he remembered him as an ordinary man with his weaknesses and strong sides as well?

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