Episode 78 Holiday with his brother:

Begged for a holiday during the summer.

I couldnt stand anymore and promised to support him for a week at the seaside but with his brother.

I warned them to take care of each other and they left home.

In fact I had planned a summer holiday together with them. They had also wanted to share a private family time. If anybody were to be willing to take care of the two elderly people for a week without hesitation, we could have had a great time together.

Then I thought it wouldnt be fair if I didnt let them go. They are yeroung and perhaps it will make them feel better if they share a nice time together.

Back home from the holiday. They had had a nice time together and I became happy.

He wanted to see the therapist. I got the appointment.

Nothing about working to earn his own life goes further.

I am not sure whether the medicine will do good. Some things change sometimes backward sometimes forward.

There are still times that I feel he wiil never recover.

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