Episode 77. Sometimes hope, sometimes not!

Weekly notes:

-What future will bring us is still unclear.

-No desire to work yet. How can a person insist on being so laid back or carefree. If I werent a mother, it would be totally unbearable. And thinking it is a kind of illness not the character itself makes me feel a bit alright. Otherwise it is not such a case that anyone can stand. I hope God gives me the necessary strength and patience to deal with it.

-Thanks God, it has turned into such a condition that I can now at least make wishes for the time being. Wishes for a peaceful life. He is being a bit better.

-However, sometimes still uncontrolled jokes, sometimes still speaking in an uncontrolled way that you think it is not the stuff a person can say or imagine.

-Not thinking of others, but living for only himself.

-His apetite has changed as well. Eating much less than before.

-Sleeping for longer hours, almost from the early morning till the evening, so sleepless nights.

-Trying to put the sleeping hours in order. Better bit by bit day after another.

-Asking for a better life but not tryig for it. Waiting for me to find him a good job and to put his life in order although I explained that I had used up all the opportunities and he hadnt made a good use of them, jusr got away.

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