Episode 75 At the psychiatrist’s:

At the psychiatrist’s

When I talked about his delusions at the doctor’s, he rejected and said all that was a kind of joke. This was also a great improvement for me!

The doctor asked me to leave the room to talk to my son a little bit more. I know I will never learn what they talk about as it is impossible to hear about it from my son. It is not important for me at all. The only thing I care about his health.

When we left the doctor, he said that the doctor prescribed him some medicine. It was relieving for both of us.

For the time being, he takes his pills. I can observe the changes in his mood. But he is still anxious about whether we did the right thing by going to the doctor’s and his starting to use the medicine. From time to time he says, ” I am not sure about whether it is because of the extensive persuasion of you all or it is because of the real disorder of my mind. Perhaps I could handle with the situation by myself without the medicine.

He complains about the adverse effects of the medicine such as desire to move around and to walk all the time. And he feels as if being cheated by us and so on, totally undecisive what to do

I try to support the treatment by saying that it is not that serious, you try to use the meds till the second appointment and if you still dont feel okay, you may change your decision.

Hope, it works. I ll be the happiest person on earth when I see him better.

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