Episode 74 His first visit to a psychiatrist together with me!

His first visit to a psychiatrist with me!

I got a call from my son.

“Look at your message box!”, he said.

Here is his message: ” Arrange an appointment from a psychiatrist for me! Urgently for today!

I got the appointment for the day as soon as possible.

I even couldnt take my classes in the afternoon and rushed home. When I saw him trembling with a pale face, I tried to pretend as if everything was normal. I asked him to help me with the daily chores for the day until the appointment time to make him relieve and feel that there was nothing extraordinary.

At last we were in front of the doctor’s office. It wasnt difficult to realise his confusion as he wasnt sure about whether it was the right thing to do all the way long. He was afraid that he was going to be thought as an insane person from then on. I tried to be calm and neutral and said:

” Do not think in that way, I appreciate your decision. Yes, things havent been going well for a long time. Dont hesitate! Anybody may experience the situation. It is normal. We have been exposed to many sad, tiring, shattering life hazards.. etc.”

The doctor called him to his room. He was totally anxious while going in.

After a while, the doctor called me to go in, too. He asked me how I could describe the problem we had. Because my son hadnt expressed himself clearly. I chose the words carefully while speaking as he looked at me in the eye as if praying that I wouldnt tell all about what we experienced. But I told about most of the troubles we had and added that only in this way the doctor could help us.

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