Episode 69. Back home!

Back home again! He did the same thing as usual.

He always escaped from having to work.

He always got us to forget about what he had done or hadnt done and he went on doing what he liked to do.

I mean, he rejected to go to a psychiatrist. He struggled and managed to get rid of it in the end.

He quitted the jobs he started.

Accidents, traffic fines, …so on.

Never accepts how he causes trouble all the time.

Never thinks about the money spent for all the stuff.

Never cares about how much debt I am in.

Again he is sure that whatever wrong he does, we have to meet all his needs and he can go on doing nothing but lying on bed all day and live a comfortable life.

Just as I had thought, he came and asked for money to register a gym to work out. I know it may be good for him but I am doubtful about whether today he will spend the money for it or not. I am afraid the money I give to him today will not meet his needs for his night out and he asks the money for that.

That is why, I said today it was impossible for me to give the money for the gym. So he stayed at home.

The only thing he wants has always been to have a good time on the rest of the day when he wakes up but no zealous for it. Somebody else has to be zealous to make him live in the way he likes.

How could he be so insensitive, indefinite, ignorant?

I had spoken him so decisively that as long as he didnt work, I wouldnt let him take the car and give less money as I wasnt able to make the ends meet from then on.

Now I wish I could put up with his anger, hatred and arguments!

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