Episode 68 Miracle Shattered

It was really not exhausting but more than that. Not until we started to say something, he had gone out.

I had told him not to come back home if he quits to work.

I had told him if he quitted the job, I would call the police to take him to hospital.

We had talked about that he had to work otherwise he wouldnt be able to lead a life under these conditions. He had to earn money at least for his extra expenses.

I had told him I loved him so much, I could live with him all my life long if he didnt create one problem after another .

I had told him all I could do is to provide him with everything but not with the life he wanted- drinking alcohol everyday, sleeping all day, using the car recklessly all night long, paying for extra car services, traffic fines, asking for anything expensive, more pocket money.

Nothing worked. He certanly cant work and he doesnt want to be looked down on.

That night I didnt let him take the car and I didnt give any money. He came back home with his mood down again. He spoke nobody and he was probably drunken.

His grandpa gave his dinner on a tray in his room. He has been throwing our emotions from feeling fruious to feeling pity towards him. This wasnt something bearable. I feel dead inside.

I phoned Health Care Centre to learn the terms. It seems that if the person isnt volunteer, you have no chance to take hm to be hospitalised ecxept for violence Otherwise you are charged with misconduct.

Today I took an appointment from a psychiatrist. I am not sure whether he will agree or not.

Perhaps not for putting things and relationships in order but for his depressive state, he will accept that.

It didnt happen as I expected. He didnt accept to see the doctor. I said:

“In that case, I will not let you take the car. I will not give you money any more except for your smoking.”

He said:

“Alright I will leave home then”

No way out of the whirlpool!

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