Episode 67 The First Day at Work!

He didnt have the employment documents prepared although he had gone out to make them ready.

The worst was he had spent the money I gave for the documents.

He said:

” It is not an urgent thing, I can do it later, too.’

How could he dare to prepare them later while working as he was going to start work the other day? How could he dare to ask for permission from the work he would start new? So I couldn’t put up with it any longer and I forced him to go to the hospital together and we took the papers.

This was the second time he cheated me. The other was about the mobile repair cost. He told me he had it repaired but in fact he hadnt. He had spent all the money for himself etc

How painful is to see your so-believed innocent child start telling lies one day.

I couldnt take the risk of losing the job opportunity and forgot all those things and prepared his clothes for the first day.

I drove him a long way to work because he was going to come back with the other employees to show the direction to our house for the following days. This was especially necessary as he had to get on the bus at an early hour in the morning.

Not until had I arrived at school where I work, he texted me that it was a horrible place. Afterwards I talked to him for many times to persuade that it was his last chance.

It didnt work. He came to speak face to face and told me that he quitted the job. I and also my friend tried to make him realise the circumstances he is in. Finally I said I ll call the police to take him to be hospitalised. Later he phoned back to the employer to apologise and asked if he could start work again. The man agreed.

Almost a few minutes later, he begged for not working all day long. He even accepted to go to a psychiatrist. I said:

“You should go to work tomorrow on no condition, otherwise I will again call the police!”

“If you still would like to have a therapist, we can go now!”

He agreed but unfortunately we couldnt find any without an appointment although we went two doctors’ and two hospitals. I dont understand the case what if there is an emergency.

We turned back home. Talking for hours and hours, he tried not to go to work again. But I was so decisive that he didnt go on.

That night he didnt eat or drink anything. He didnt go out.

The next day I woke him up in difficulty. He was still trying to resist but I didnt listen to him and drove him to work again.

At school I thought: “No news is good news”

For the first time I was a bit relieved after a long time. I waited till the evening with great excitement.

When he opened the door, I welcomed him:

“How was your day?”

“It was alright mum!”

” Good news!

“Mum, the man said they employed another one instead of me!”

Not shocked too much but I know he had gone back there to finish it or to have himself dismissed.

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