Episode 66. A light at the end of the tunnel:

A light at the end of the tunnel:

When he has enough money he goes straight out to drink alcohol. For over two weeks, I havent asked so much about his thoughts, ideas, misbeliefs for fear of hearing the same. Having tried once, I realised that he was on the same point so I stopped asking not to make them strenghten his thoughts.

The miracle happened and he got the telephone call from the firm. They asked him to go for an interview. To my surprise they employed my son and wanted him to start the job on Monday next week.

He called me and said it was Ok, but he said the job wouldnt match with his dreams. I got unhappy to hear that and called him to my school where I worked to talk with him.

I and my friend tried to persuade him that it was perhaps the last opportunity he faced as he was at the age of 29. If he didnt start the job, he would never have that chance again.

He told us that he dreamt of starting a job as a manager, or a boss and having a lot of employees under his management. He added he was born as an experienced employee. He added: “Why not start at that point?”

All trials to make him understand the real curcumstances were futile as he really believed his dream would come true one day. Furthermore, he thought that it would be a waste of time for him to start from the beginning.

Finally, he told that he would start the job, not for his own will but for our wish.

I didnt care so much about these things until I learnt that he didnt try to take a doctor’s report showing his health condition. It was frustrating be

Today he will go and try to collect the documents for the job and have a bank account. I hope they will not give him a credit card as he will not limit his expenses and with no consideration of how it will be paid, he will go on spending money till he runs out of the card limit.

I have to take the risk but have no other choice.

I pray day and night for his being able to get rid of the dreams impossible to realise and work well, earn his life as normal people do.

Tonight he, again, in silent voice with a careful and patient manner explained his dreams, wishes.

I am so confused that I am doubtful about whether he is really exposed to delusions or really extremely lazy and he tries to make me feel that he cant work ?

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