Episode 65. Searching for a supportive clue:

He acted as he had told and had the mobile repaired. Despite his extra expenses , he texted me rudely with no other explanation at midnight:

” Give me money, I have something to do in the morning”

When I returned from work, his mood was down again. I asked what he did today.

He had gone out to meet one of his cousins. As far as I know, she is in her twenties and a university student studying Philosophy.

They had talked about the same subject- the delusion of my son- I understood that he asked about his dad and tried to learn more about him or his family but my son couldnt have the answers he had expected to be true.

Then he went out again when he returned I guess he was drunk. I doubted that he hadnt the mobile repaired but spent the money I gave. Later I thought he had never done such a thing up to that time and I wanted to forget about it.

After he ate dinner late at night, we talked about grandma. She was getting worse day by day. Meanwhile I asked about how the things had been going on for him.

He said:

” I will try to go on as you say. I will look towards the things in front of me. If something extra good happens, let it be a surprise. I believe there is a bright future in front of all of us.”

Although I couldnt get it right that much, I felt like hopeful.

Thanks God! Today was a normal one. No futile talks! My son went out but contrary to the usual routine, he came back early.

Yet, it didnt last long. After eating dinner, he went out again. Hope he comes early tonight.

He couldnt stay long out but came back early. Hope things will change!

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