Episode 64. Remembering Job trials!

When I asked my son whether he phoned for the job interview or not. He didnt give any details ( as usual) about the phone call and reluctantly said he did. But It was obvious that he hadnt been satisfied with the answer as my cousin said that he would call my son back in the following days.

I hope my couisin will not forget it and really help my son although I am not sure about whether my son will take the job serious and real. I dont even want to think of the other possibility, will he be in the pursuit of his delusion? And I do not want to think what if my cousin doesnt really help my son.

In one of our conversations:

“I hope this will not again be a disappointment for me. I hope this is not one of your great lies”, he said.

” I have gone to all job interviews you arranged up to this time. You always claim that they were just ordinary but all were planned and organised setup.

I even worked in some places with your persistence but I know the people only acted their roles as they were told by you or my dad! They were delibaretely making me suffer from difficulties.

They were workers but I was the son of the boss, the owner of those places. I felt they would talk behind me, humiliate me. It was really challenging and even painful for me.”, he said.

In fact, he was usually dissmissed because of his being, sometimes, aggressive, sometimes bossy or sometimes extremely laid back, rude, unpunctual and so on. Because he was the so-called employer not an employee!

The other day, he texted me and wanted me to pay his teephone bill in an ordering way. He had told me to buy a new brand mobile the day before in the same way, as well. I got used to that of his style.

Altough it is too expensive to buy him a new mobile, he insists on this without considering the limited family budget. He always thinks that I can afford anything he wants, and I am rich enough to buy anything but I abstain from spending money for him. From time to time he really bothers me about that. How I can afford all the expenses is not important for him, at all. He thinks he really deserves any kind of favour without doing anything. He is the son-the heir of a wealthy family but his family doesnt let him live his life.

Today again we argued about his demands. I told him I could try to take a loan from a bank and buy a mobile only if he accepted being hospitalised or seeing a psychiatrist, he got frustrated about that again and left the house in a great anger.

As I didnt give enough money to stay out late, he came back early at night. He had again something to tel me. He asked for a new mobile again but I refused to buy. In the end he told me he would have his mobile repaired.

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