Episode 63 Hope!


Yesterday I took the car to be serviced for maintanence and some repairs. When we dont have the car at home, I get relieved because I dont have to wait for my son till he comes back at midnight.

I took the advantage of the absence of the car and I asked my best friend to come over us. I wanted her and her husband to have a talk with my son.

It was very nice of them that they didnt even hesitate a while and they were in our house in the evening.

When I called my son to greet our guests, I felt my son’s being so shy for the first time. He was alone for three years and in no contact with anyone except for the family members.

He came in the room, greeted everybody and sat down. Although he knew the family well before that, I realised the stress he was under. I havent felt so strongly before that he is so shy and uncomfortable to involve in a normal conversation. I have never thought about his being in such a difficulty in social relationships. When I recalled his job experiences, this lack was perhaps one of the most important obstacles causing him being redundant.

It was one of the most useful conversations ever as my friend’s husband spoke about the realities in life. He first started with telling about his own life and experiences he had until now adding that any job is worth doing to gain experience better.

He told that he had worked at many odd jobs till he had his best position. He also talked about his interests, his relationships with his friends by assuring him that happiness is hidden under having a job, having interests, hobbies and good relations.

My son attempted to tell that he wants to start at the best position and claimed his family had the power to provide him with the best opportunities but they didnt let him have them all. He also told about his belief that his dad was still alive and he would try to find out the reality.

Our guest listened to him and astonished us by saying:

” I believe in you. I appreciate your ideas. You should pursue and realise your goals on condition that you start to work. You can achieve nothing only if you just sit and wait. Taking an action is the half of accomplishing your goal.”

It was a special conversation, indeed. My son, too, releived because of their sincere approach and talked without getting bored or bothered.

I am grateful and I really appreciate my friend and his husband’s efforts to help him see the case he is in.

After they left, my son asked:

” What shall I do, mum? Would it be better if I worked? What do you think?”

I said:

” You decide, it is your own life! It isnt good to live without doing anything.”

He said:

” Ok, I will call your cousin tomorrow and ask him to arrange an appointment for me.”

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