Episode 62 Disappointment!


I was very hopeful before the visit to my sons’ uncle. Nothing better happened. They didnt even listen to me but talked about themselves. Let alone listening, I couldnt make out whether they got sorry about my son or not. I had a feeling like they just pretended as they were.

His wife welcomed me and my dearest friend who never lets me alone in life. She is the best of my luck ever. Before we went there, we talked about what to say, how to ask help for my son, though.

His uncle was just like in the past. Although he was ill and confined to bed, he was again so laidback, so carefree. He had hardly worked all his life long. Laughing did he talk about my son’s situation.

I am terribly afraid of his abusing my son’s mental state.

When I came back home, my son asked about what we had talked. I said it was only a visit to an ill person. He went out for a while, he was moody again. He said: ” I have had enough of my life.”

I wish my son didnt see the man again. I feel I have taken over another burden on my shoulders.

I regret having gone there without taking into my husband’s thoughts about the man before he died. So now I realise why my husband hadnt been in contact with his brother so many years. I shouldnt have forgotten that.

I will try to persuade him to start the job offered. If he starts. I know he will probably be quitted the job. But, what if things turns into vice versa. Would it worth trying once more?

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