Episode 61 Not a miracle!

Once more but for the last, I have heard that he isnt willing to start a job. The last because I will never think of the possibility that he may work at somewhere and forget the unreal, imaginary world of his.

He said:

“I cant work there as an engineer as I believe it is my dad’s place. I should work there as a manager or a boss, at a position like that.”

Needless to say anything.

After a little more futile persuading attempts, we also realised that he hadnt changed any other ideas in his mind, even those about his dad.

But if we lose the chance, he will never find a job. We have tried all our credibility, other relationships in trying to find a job. When he starts a job, he thinks the factory or the company belongs to his own family and everybody in the workplace are arranged to act out their roles given to them by his dad, mum and or the others in the family.

” I have had enough of being teased, tricked, being under control, being under threat in that workplace which I know it belongs to us. I should be the boss there not an employee! I cannot work not knowing the reality.” , he said.

Should I tell a lie?

Granddad persuaded him to go to his uncle again and ask about the reality. He said, ” Now that, you dont believe in what we say, try listening to others, too.”

He really visited his uncle again that night. When he came back, with the moody impression on his face, apparently he wasnt able to find what he had been searching for. I asked what his uncle had said. He answered:

” My uncle said that As far as he knew we didnt own such great wealth as I thought.”

I didnt say anything else.


Today, I will also visit the uncle to tell about all the things in detail and ask for his help. They have only listened to him. If they know more about him, they may help him better.

I really need him to work. If he never works, it will really be too difficult to get by.

Except for this attempt, there is no other choice but make him be hospitalised with the help of the police. This thought, as a mother, makes me crazy!

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