Episode 59 Is It a Dilemma or a whirlpool?

Dilemma or a whirlpool?

When my son came back home I said that if he wanted to work my cousin would help him. I broadly told about the case. While I expected him to get excited, he said:

” What the hell is going on again? Am I going to get involved in another set up?”

I couldnt say anything but remained silent.

I am thinking of visiting his uncle and talk about his unwillingness to start working. Perhaps he might persuade him, his uncle, though, hasnt have worked since I knew him. This was one of the reasons that my husband wouldnt like to see him. I dont know how he and his family have led a life so far.

My only expectation is that my son might shift his uncle into his dad’s place in his mind and take his words into consideration only on condition that his uncle has also changed and understood that someone has to work to lead a life without depending on any others.

I am also afraid of even confessing the possibility to myself that he might resemble to his uncle in that way.

What a dilemma, something like a whirlpool. I am desperate and I am not sure about the thing should be done! No way but to try any slightest possibility for the better.

May God help me put all the things in order.

I wish to have a normal flow of life like others.

If vice versa be, what shall I do with my son not being aware of the real circumstances but living the unreal life afflicted by his delusions.

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