Episode 58 Miracle!


My sons were not willing to talk about the family gathering and I didnt insist on asking about it.

But I noticed that my elder son didnt utter a word about his father’s being alive but his being a heir of a wealthy family.

Today, I heard that his uncle phoned him again and talked. I dont know what they talked about but I got happy because the children have now someone they feel closer to them.

I realised that It was wrong to bring up the children away from their paternal family. Because when my husband was alive, he didnt have a good relationship with his brother and he would always tried to make us be away from them. We wouldnt visit them and he didnt let us be in contact with them as he didnt like the way his brother led a life and the way he behaved. They were crossed with each other, and my husband didnt speak a word with his brother for years until his death.

I hope this relationship will do good to us, especially to my sons. I only want my elder son to recover from the delusion and my younger son not to have any troubles like him.

My relative who helped us about their meeting with the paternal relatives phoned me tonight. He said that my son’s uncle phoned him back after their meeting. His uncle said:

” We understood the case when he asked about his father and tried to remind my nephew that we together saw the dead body, had the funeral ceremony with a large crowd of people and burried him. He seemed to accept the reality. I will always back him up to overcome this difficulty. ”

My relative, who is my cousin, really felt so sorry that he talked to one of his friends about my son. He described the mental state my son was in and he said that my son was unemployed for a long time. And the man said that he would try to employ him as an engineer in his factory.

My cousin said:

“Tell your son that if he wants to work with his own will, this is better, I will take him there to meet the employer and arrange him an interview.”

When I recalled the job trials and bad experiences at the interviews for job applications and at the workplaces he worked for a short time, I couldnt even get delighted about the miracle like thing. But I would like to be hopeful again.

What if he forgets everything about his odd thoughts and has an insight that he also has to work like other people! Just a miracle, but nothing else!

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