Episode 57 Family Gathering

Family Gathering

This Morning my sons got up early had breakfast and got ready for their dad”s family gathering. While they were leaving home, I told them not to forget to tell them ny regards.

I didnt even remind them that his father didnt get on well with his elder brother for some reasons. He didnt want to see him until his death. If he had lived, he wouldnt have liked this idea, either. And they wouldnt believe if I would say so, especially the elder one.

On the other hand my children might think that I dont want them to meet their relatives It is good to find the right thing to do by themselves. I cant be ignorant while they are so willingly want to see their relatives.

I have understood that however I try to show what is right or what is wrong doesnt make any sense. They will always do whatever they like and they will always need to experience and see the result. It is useless to be so protective or to interfere their affairs as a parent. But, needless to say, you should be ready to fullfil what they ask for no matter whenever it is.

Today they will meet everyone. I hope they will come back with some relieved thoughts, especially the elder one.


My elder son came back. He said they had a nice conversation with them. I didnt ask any details but I only wondered if he could ask about his dad. He said we talked. But didnt give any details.

I dont know why but I now believe that he will not go on in that way any longer since he doesnt have any reason to make up stories. At least, I hope so.

I phoned my younger son to see how he feels after the visit. I understood that he was very pleased to see his dad’s family.

I also got happy for the sake of my children’s goodness.

Without bothering he came and asked more money again, as if I had to give money whenever he needed, and I were the only person who had to work in the family but not him. No logical explanation persuades him that he also should work.

Let alone feeling responsible, he spends as much as half of my salary with no embarrasment but doesnt get happy.

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