Episode 56. Meeting Paternal Relatives

Today his uncle phoned my son and invited him to his house. My son came to me and said:

” I am going to visit my uncle again tomorrow. He said my father’s cousin and my aunt would come too. It is going to be a family meeting.”

I said: ” If you like, I will, too.”

He didnt agree as he wanted to be with them on his own.

He said: ” I am going to ask everything I have in my mind. If you came, you might manuplate the conversation. I know my father is alive but I am not sure whether they will tell the truth. The story set up has been written by my dad, he might organise and warn them not to reveal the truth, too They may be a part of this game too.’

Will it be one of the futile efforts? He is still the same.

He said he was going to take his brother, too.

Nothing did I say. Will it work or have I taken over other difficulties unexpected?

I dont know how could I put up with his delusions and the debts. He still has no idea that he should work and earn his life.

If mum werent too ill, I might find a way to take him to hospital. He is a little bit under control with the help of the medicine prescribed. He was on the verge of total mental breakdown before that. What would happen if it were cut off ? He might lose the control and he would cause too much trouble. I sometimes wish I wouldnt be on earth. But how would my children lead their lives?

To my all efforts, nothing changes!

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