Episode- 55. Towards the reality

Finding out the reality

When my son came back home, I felt the different impression on his face. He had gone to see his uncle as soon as he got the phone numbers texted.

He was somewhat happy. He said:

“I visited my uncle and his wife”

I tried to seem more interested and happy to encourage him to tell all the story.

“They were very happy as I visited them. I am also glad. We had a nice conversation. He talked about my dad. I told him about my ideas that my dad is still alive. He listened to me carefully and told me how he missed his brother, my dad. He also tried to assure me that my dad died at a young age. He added that Although he was dead but we could feel him alive as long as he was in our hearts and minds.”

His uncle gave him some newspaper clippings of the day my husband died on. There were some news about his dad. Because he was a teacher, there were some photos of him and next to the photos were his students in the funeral ceremony. And a paragraph about his death.

That his uncle’s attitude towards my son was helpful. I liked his approach to my son and the clippings given to him made me feel relaxed. I thought this was going to help him recover from his delusions.

It didnt work much but at least he had met other people saying that his dad was dead.

I am now completely sure that he is going to visit his aunt too. I hope he will face the reality one day. If need be, I will, too, meet them. The only thing I think about is my son’s mental health although it seems too much difficult to shake his ideas.

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