Episode 54- Coincidentally


Some close relatives came over to see my mum. They were close relatives and asked about my son. While I was talking about him but trying not to give too many details, my son turned up home.

He was more eager to have a chat with the visitors. I realised that he was looking for something useful within the conversation, which will help him defend his ideas and imaginary beliefs. During the conversation grannies intervened and his condition became clear.

After a while he had to give his ideas- delusions away. That he believes his dad is still alive and he is the owner of great wealth was understood well by them. I was really grateful to the visitors’ patience and tolarence while listening to him. They didnt reject his ideas immediately but listened carefully. Then they suggested his meeting with his father’s brother and sister to see their life style and to find out what he wants to learn about his father. It was really useful.

Perhaps, it wil help him face with himself.

In the end we decided to get in touch with my son’s uncle and aunts.

They had gone and never wondered about the children or me after the funeral.

While my husband was alive, he also did never get on well with his brother.

Their lifestyle is much more different than ours. ( As it will recall the genetic susceptibility I am afraid of saying even to myself that his uncle was drunken all the time and working wasnt his cup of tea. So I had thought that it would be better for the boys not to meet them. That is why I didnt want to call them and no news since then. I havent had even their phone numbers for over fifteen years.

I have never imagined that one day I or my children will need them. Perhaps each individual needs to have roots. And it is worth trying to have my son to see and talk to them due to the possibility that he might overcome the difficulties his mental state brings. He might understand the reality and become aware of the fact that his thoughts are based on delusions caused by only his imagination.

Anyway I asked my son if he would like to see, meet and know about them. He agreed to do so. I got a few telephone numbers from the people who knew them. I have also learnt that his uncle had a stroke and he cant walk now.

My son wasnt at home at that time so I texted the phone numbers to my son. I wonder what he is going to do. I hope it works.

My mum is still suffering from too much pain. I took her to another specialist to get another point of view. He said that she must be hospitalized to to have her pain lessened.

“While she was in hospital, she can have a check up and be under control better. “, the doctor said.

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