Episode- 52 Are the things changing, but bit by bit!

Things are changing, but bit by bit!

I had expected for a severe reaction because of the meal arranged that night.

He had been rude at the table but the next day was neutral. At least he didnt get furious.

A friend away visited us.

She has been a friend of mine for about 30 years.

Thanks to her that I had a nice break.

As days were passing by, my son was making me remember how I had hurt him. He was getting furious, shouting… so on.

” I have had enough of you!”

” you are all liars. You are deceiving me!”

” I am not mad but you are!’

” Why dont you give me the money and my other rights and let me go to have a comfortable life of my own!”

There is neither such amount of money nor any rights of him however he has been claiming so since he started to live in a delusional-made up world.

It is unbearable to deal with the same stuff every time. That is why I sometimes lose my temper and shout at him saying:

” Yours is really a comfortable and irresponsible life!”

” You dont want to work or help in the house, do something useful but lie in bed watching tv all day long.”

” You want to be served food, to be given money to have a night out, to have a dental care, to pay for your other needs!

Go whereever you want!

I dont care you anymore!”

When he was out he phoned back for a trivial matter as if he wasnt the same person I argued half an hour ago.


Today is the day grandma is going to go under a simple operation for the spine fracture.

My son is going to get up very early in the morning and drive her to the hospital!

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