Episode-51 Challenge!


I got my brother to have a meal out with my son. He arranged it and invited the therapist as well.

When my brother called my son, he agreed and I got very happy as the doctor would observe and have a better idea of him.

Tonight they are all, (my brother, my son, my cousin and the doctor) out for a dinner. I am not sure whether the doctor will reveal things about his proffession.

I am also worried about the result.

What is the doctor going to say to me?

How wil he react towards them and me?


Before he came, my brother phoned and told about the night.

As usual he had drunk too much. He hadnt listen to the warnings. No sooner had the doctor been introduced and had sat at the table, my son asked about his proffession. The doctor replied with no hesitation:

” I am a psychiatrist”

My son said :

” I had understood as soon as you arrived here!”

His mood changed and everybody felt his anger.

After a short conversation the doctor left there. While leaving he said to my cousin:

” I will not be his therapist even if he accepts the treatment after this occasion”

I had felt this many times that the doctor never wanted to have him treat. Because as far as I read the medical lterature, such kind of disorders are very difficult to deal with.

Therapies with these patients are very tiring for doctors and usually with no solution .

Later, my son got angry with my cousin he left too.

My brother talked to him but he was still insisting on his dad’s being alive.

I remember my son warned me many times about not sharing his situation with others. I know he is going to blame me for doing this but I am so desparate that I arrangr red this meeting to find out if there is something to be done. I will see the doctor some time later to take his opinions.

He came back drunken but silent, said nothing. He had a shower and went to his room.

When I asked if he wanted to eat something, he looked into my eyes as if saying too many words but kept on being silent and only said: “yes”

Now, I am in bed in my mum’s room.

She is sleeping well because of the medicine. I hope pain will not wake her up again.

Hoping to wake up tomorrow with no troubles, mum woke up…

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