Episode- 50 Life Goes on!

Life goes on!

I couldnt wait for so long and texted him to come back. He texted with more severe words.

No sooner had I texted than the door opened silently and he came in.

He didnt speak a word for a while. Then asked for food.

I had to be silent and serve him food like a servant as always. No thanks, no gratitude.

The next day, he was again the same person. He said: ” If you let me live comfortably, I will be good to you”, in a threatening voice.

No good feelings at all. My mum’s health is getting worse and worse. Bad things will happen, I feel. Abdominal distension started. Pain is with her increasingly. No painkillers are useful to lessen it even a little bit. I know very well what these symptoms cause in the end. I dont want her to feel such pain any more. Sad, sad, I am so sad!

Writing helps me put up with the life.

Today my friend, the only one who always stand by me, came and we took my mum to the hospital to have the operation as she had difficulty in walking properly.

Doctors tried to inject her some painrelievers to lessen the pain the bone fracture caused.

I hope it works.

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