Episode 49 Please No More Trouble!

Please No More Trouble!

I couldnt believe the words of my son. It couldnt have been far worse. He said:

” You die! I hate you! ”

If only I could die!

I had tried to persuade him to have him hospitalized but my words hurt him, I think.

He started the conversation. He again blamed me that I kept the family wealth back from him and I didnt tell him where his dad was, he was unemployed but we didnt give him a position in the management of the company and so on

As I said before the wealth, the company were delusioned by him and his dad had died fifteen years ago and left not a single precious thing back.

I said:

“You are making up all the story. You have lost the reality. You live in an imaginary world of yours. ”

And more words to make him see the real life of ours. I suggested going to the hospital together to end this challenging unrealistic way of life.

I added:

“I am reading the posts from the people with delusional disorder. They say they get afraid and ashamed of being revealed with regard to their disorder that is why they dont have friends or they escape from the interaction with other people. Please agree with me on going to see a doctor!”

This made him crazy. He got furious, shouted and shouted. He rushed into his room. I and my mum were alone in the house. My dad and my younger son were in another city for my niece’s engagement ceremony.

After a while he slammed the door with anger and went out.

May God help us and I wish he doesnt involve in something worse.

What am I going to do with him?

It has been two hours since he left home. No messages yet. I am worried about him because I know he doesnt have money. I dont know whether he took the car or not. And I dont have the courage to go to the car park to see because I will get more scared. He isnt in the mood to drive carefully.

Two hours more passed. He hasnt come back, yet. I think I will wait till late at night.

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