Episode-47 Grandma!

She has been suffering from cancer for over two years. Is there anything worse than seeing someone you love in pain? She used to go walking in the park but now she gets tired easily,she isnt so active anymore. She mostly stays in bed.

My son pretends to be strong again. He doesnt admit her grandma’s being ill. He says she is as strong as him.He has always loved her so much. I am afraid he will be badly affected if something bad happens. He burries pains deep in his heart.

I pray for my mum hoping not to feel pain and get better soon. But at the same time I am aware of the fact that we are on the way that we cant get back. Nothing more can I do but pray. My parents are perhaps the only ones I and  my sons hold onto in life.

Today I am taking mum to hospital for medication. They are going to inject calcium for healing her bone degeneration. Hope it works to recover.
The calcium injection was cancelled till the pain was stopped. So we were directed to another department.

The doctor didnt make a clear explanation but told that the pain was due to the bone fracture. He said  she would have a small operation to recover. When I learnt it I took a deep breath and relieved a bit.

Although the doctor prescribed some painkillers, the pain still exists. We have to wait for the operation date.
I have experienced that cancer is something that you have to live with a fast beating heart in fear of its reoccurence all the time.

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