Episode 46- Helpless


He isnt cruel anymore!

Last night he was so vulnerable that he hugged me, sat and put his head on my chest like a baby he wanted me to stroke his head. I did softly.

“Help me find my dad, mum!”

” TelI him that I must see and talk to him!”

As to me, I could do everything if it were possible. I wish It would.

I weeped not with eyes but my tears flooded through my throat inside my heart.

For the first time, the word “helpless” gained its meaning so strongly in my mind. I would even sacrifice my life if it helped.

I couldnt go on listening to never ending unrealistic thoughts as I had tried again but couldnt persuade him neither to see a therapist nor to hospitalize him and started to prepare food for him. It was in order to end the conversation with no resolution.

With no future prospect or hope a handsome young man is struggling with imaginary world of his in vain!

Nothing does he have about the real life.

How long will I be able to stand by him?

What if he were alone in life!

May God help him accept the medical treatment!

Never before have I wanted to overcome a difficulty so much!

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