Episode-43 Delusions and Realities

Delusions and Realities:

Perhaps the doctor’s help made me think over my relationship with my own family in childhood, before and after the marriage, too. I saw myself serve for the others all the time and take on or loaded with responsibilities while everybody was leading their own life. People seemingly sensible, sensitive or else might perform actions or utter words in the same way as well.

You see, no need to have a disorder to be cruel or pitiles at times. Besides I also think that the life you choose is mostly related with how you were brought up or treated in the family. If you dont know to be happy, you cant choose the right way of life to have happiness.

Anyway, as to my son, it was one of the nights out. He came back home with a mood down. It was obvious that the night hadnt passed as he had expected and he needed to talk. Keeping on his delusional claims, he begged me to tell his dad that it is high time he understood his son.. and added that he had had enough of it.

My son was again trying to hold firmly onto his imaginary ideas, beliefs. He claimed things impossible to be true. He was still against seeing a doctor by saying that in that case he would be a looser. But, while we were talking about all those things, something very strange happened. it was the first time that he had said:

” I couldnt meet him tonight even once!”  – in a low voice difficult to hear.

It was a shocking thing that sounded as if being a good improvement to me! The delusion might be decaying!

The most important thing I realized was that his imaginations were the ones uttered in loud words, but the realities were as if being hidden in a lower voice tone. I had noticed it a few times so far.

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