Episode-41 Relating everything to his imaginary story

Relating everything  to his imaginary story:

It was Sunday. Being fed up with the housework all day long, I decided to have my hair dyed at the hairdresser’s.

I had to attend a seminar about teaching, I wanted to feel myself better.

But even this tiny change made him to draw some connections and relate it to his story which he has been composing for months.

To him, I dyed my hair because I was going to meet his deceased dad-( he has long been delusioning he is still alive.)

He was speaking to me nicely and softly.

I felt sad down in my heart because he was trying to make me speak to his dad and persuade him to stop this challenge.

My son was still imagining that his dad didnt die but lives somewhere and watch him struggle with difficulties. To my son, his dad wants to see how resistant and strong  his son is towards the difficulties.

He claims:

“Sometimes I see him in crowds, I cant reach or find him however I try. But I will!”

“Nobody tells me the truth, about the realities but I challenge to reveal all!

” He is so powerful and wealthy, own great companies, factories..etc.”

” you, mum, have the same power. You know he is alive. We have a lot of money, properties but why watch me struggling with lots of hardship.”

” You dont know how hard it is. Thoughts, doubts, images, hatred, (he doesnt imply about the fear and the nightmares he is having) are making me exhausted all nights long.”

“My head is like a volcanoe as if being ready to explode.”

“My brain works very well and very fast. I can take everything into consideration in detail in a second once I get something in my mind.”

” Nothing can change my point of view.”

Whatever I try to persuade him to see the reality is useless.

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