Episode-37 Ending the Year

Ending the Year:

This year has already passed by just like a nightmare and the previous two years as well if nothing bad happens till the first of January.

It has been really hard being alert all the time to struggle against the outcomes resulting from the life led according to the orders of the brain confused with delusions.

I am feeling a bit relieved nowadays.

The measures and actions I have taken will probably work.

Things seem to be going on moderately, at least steady in these days.

My mum is recovering day by day. My dad’s health is improving.

My eld

Hope to have better days in the new year.

It has been a few days since he had the car again. His mood has changed for better as he likes driving too much. It is ok for me too as long as he drives safely.

I can now manage to control him better. I dont drive the car very often and I give him a certain amount of money to spend out and for the fuel to the car.

Otherwise, he would drive non stop and run out of the fuel even if the tank were full.

And the last delusions are getting weaker and weaker day by day. It is not so irritating at least.

Nevertheless, he still doesnt think that he has to work and earn money to lead a life as he still thinks as if he had a wealthy family.

It is still so normal for him to ask for money from mum although he is over 28. He takes it with pleasure and without getting annoyed or bothered as if it were the money to be given certainly to him. He even complains about the amount of the money given from the limited family budget.

No one or nothing has an impact on him that he should care about his future. He leads a laidback and carefree life getting up too late, hanging around, driving, spending all the money he has…

No worry or care about his family members..

I dont mind his way of life at all unless he…

_doubts or imagines that people-usually family members are all wicked and they have bad plans, they are trying to manupilate his life for bad,

_blames others for his encountering with difficulties, bad luck, obstacles, fights and even the traffic fines,

-drinks whenever he has the opportunity,

-involves in fights and comes home with injuries, bruisies, usually when drunken,

_drives carelessly even recklessly and usually ends up with traffic fines or accidents,

-claims that his deceased dad is alive and he sometimes sees him but chases but he cant reach him.

I wish my life would turn into a better, more steady, peaceful one in the new year.

I also wish all the best for everybody in the family.

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