Episode-36 Another Trial

Another Trial:

Each episode of his delusions lasts for months.

The last one was again about chasing long after his deceased father.

The delusion and the story he makes up changes each time. And he integrates some things he encounters to the story of his own.

My son has also been delusioning for a long time that a famous supermarket chain in the city belongs to our family but we are concealing the fact and keeping the wealth back from him.

In the begining I had found it foolish, ridiculous and tried to persuade him and to make him see the plain reality but it didnt work.

Later it turned out to be a severely serious and pathetic situation.

He has been spending all his time hanging and looking around the supermarkets one by one to find clues to compact his last delusion. He is probably looking for and expecting to see the owner- his deceased father, which he strongly believes in and utters about this at times.

The last conversation we had:

“Where have you been so late, I have been waiting for you till midnight. Tomorrow I have to get up early for work, you know!”

“Mum, I am not an idle! I also have lots if stuff to deal with.

I was at that supermarket and waited for the people working there to finish their work until the cafe was closed. I gave a lift to the people to their homes.”

Perhaps he thinks he is being helpful for the people working there because of the delusion he believes in.

One day his father who watches him all the time will see his son’s efforts and reveal the secret which all people around him are keeping it back from him.

And he will one day say:

” Alright my dear son, now, it is your turn to take over the business because you have tried hard and you deserve to run the company.”

Perhaps by making friends from the people working in the supermarket or serving at the cafe, he is trying to find out information about the owner- his deceased father by questioning them delibaretely but not giving himself away.

As they arent aware of his situation, they must be considering it as a normal daily life conversation.

He becomes very funny at times when he wants. I am sure that these people really enjoy his accompany.

It is terrible. No words to describe the case especially as a mother. Pathetic, touching, tragic…

These are not my predictions. These are the assumptions from the conversations I have had with my son- my beloved son.

There is nothing to do but only listen to him long hours.

If only I could die and not wittness to his being so miserable. At the same time, I also think what he would do alone in life while being so vulnerable.

What would happen to him?

Would he ever recover from the disorder?

Would it get worse and worse day by day?

Could his younger brother manage to take care of him?

Nothing is clear yet and never will it be…

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