Episode-31 Traffic Fines, Accidents

Traffic Fines & Accidents:

His mum was also struggling with the traffic fines, the other official traffic stuff and car insurance stuff for the repairs to be fullfilled.

As to these problems, he broke so many traffic rules that his mum had to pay a huge amount of money for the fines.

He was fined for overspeeding.

He was fined for crossing at the red light.

He was fined for parking in a no parking area so he had the car removed. Taking the car back was another trouble because it cost a lot.

He was fined for driving drunken.

He was fined for the too much loud music playing in the car in the city centre.

He had his driving licence taken for driving drunken for the second time.

He was fined for driving without the licence and he had to make a statament at the court, which he rejected to go but he was persuaded to do so with difficulty by his grandpa.

For him again being called to the court for defence was also not real but a conspiracy or a part of the plan arranged by her mum.

She also had to pay a fine for taking back his licence after 6 months.

To him, all these traffic fines were not because of his disobedience to the rules but each was a part of his mum’s set up. He truly believed that mum knew all the police condemning him to be fined. They were the actors playing their roles.

The accidents he had , too, were just some parts of the set up of the play organised by his mum except for the last one.

The last one happened during time he had diverted his attention to his deceased dad. He had been delusioning that his father was alive ,watching him and trying to make his son get ready for life by making him face with those difficulties.

The last accident revealed another personality feature of the boy.

He had the accident in the middle of a night. A drunken driver had hit his car on the front tyre. The man had his family in the car too. The man begged him not to call the police altough the car was in a very bad condition. It had such a great bump that the car couldnt be moved.

The boy who was so cruel and aggresive in any kind of stressful situation at home towards the family, said ‘yes’ to the man. The man offered him to take the car to a mechanic he knew. The boy accepted this and phoned his mother.

When mum heard this, she didnt want to make him feel bad and said:

” Are you alright? If you arent injured, it isnt important. Decide to do as you wish”

Mum wanted him to feel that she trusted him. She was also a little bit glad because it was the first time he trusted someone he didnt knew.

But the man didnt have the car repaired well.

Although mum wanted his son to phone and ask the man to compensate for the loss, he couldnt have done that. Because he was again delusioning that the man was sent by his deceased dad.

She phoned the man but he refused to pay for it. Mum, again, had to have the car serviced paying a huge amount of money. But he showed no reaction only laughed and tried to imply as if he didnt believe that mum had had to go through such difficulties.

His such kind never ending implications and her not being able to do anything have been making her mad for a long time.

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