Episode-30 The First Visit to a Psychiatrist

The First Visit to a Psychiatrist:

He couldnt be persuaded but mum had to see a specialist as there were physical changes too, besides the great pschological disorder.

His eyes were sometimes getting bigger, his mimes totally were different from the ones he used to have. He was always whistling in the house and out , laughing in an uncontrolled way.

The doctor said:

“He is suffering from the Bleated Mourning Syndrome and a delusional disorder.

Bleated mourning syndrome occured because he couldnt show any mourning reaction when and after his dad died and find anyone to shift in his life instead of his father.

And his imaginary stories telling that his mum had a love affair with someone else meant to his Othello syndrome. The doctor said that he might even have delusioned that mum still had a relationship with his deceased father who he imagined to be still living.

After she had done what the doctor said, she could observe some slight physical changes for good.

He was at least a little bit in control of his anger, his mimes and gestures. He also was more careful about his personal care and clothes.

He almost stopped blaming directly his mum for everything. Later, he diverted this to his dead father.

And the endless conversations werent so long. His words and sentences were clearer.

He was like caring a little bit of the words of others.

He wasnt being so frustrated when mum suggested seeing a doctor, although he was still totally against and refusing it.

In spite of the physical changes, in times of anger he still went on

saying bad words, swearing and uttering bad wishes to his mum not always but when he was in bad mood.

He had a look towards mum as if she were a wicked woman telling lies, keeping secrets.

From time to time he would utter:

” I am a chosen person. Nobody can deal with such bad luck and hazardous life and difficulties manupilated .

I also remember my childhood and parents having tried in the same way. They were always in search of bringing me up to prepare  me to life.

I am aware of the wealth my family has had. I have been dreaming of being rich and powerful since my childhood.

My dad was trying to make me be a great man by exposing me with difficulties.

It all started to be so hard three years ago each day getting harder and harder.

I am now in the pursuit of revealing the reality. You, grandparents and dad have been manupilating things for o long time.

Why dont you tell me the truth?

You all- mum, dad, grandparents and the other close relatives – are telling lies, hiding the reality.

The reality is that you all have the power to manuplate and make anything real in this world, you all own great wealth. In spite of all these you have, you make me suffer from mishaps and poverty. You dont make me start the business you have. But I am patient, I can wait till whenever it comes true and I am in the pursuit of this reality.

My brain works in 6 different ways. It is tiring and exhausting.

You all try to make me feel myself bad.

Nobody is so good and loving towards their family members as I am.

If someone else were in my shoes, he would kill 6 people to ease the pain. ( Mum couldnt understand what the number 6 meant. The number changed later,though)

I dont care anybody even my dad.

Nobody is exposed to so many attacks but I am. And the attacks are mostly from the people close to me.”

The attacks he has still been mentioning are lies, mishaps, traffic accidents, traffic fines, being beaten and injured , being almost broke because of being given a little money to get by- ( Although his mum was in too much debt to pay for the cases he had been causing, she was still trying to find enough money to give him for his daily expenses such as cigarette, drinks, food, clothes. He would never intend to to earn money to lead his own life.)

“But you all will one day surely regret about what you have done to me up to this time.” he would say.

He would always expect his mum to tell him that all he imagined, delusioned in mind was real.

Before his mum’s seeing the doctor,

he was without pity or mercy towards especially his mum by trying to make her feel bad , inefficient and insulted all the time.

He was teasing, humiliating and

criticising his mum in any way even while driving. He would say:

“Mum, you dont know how to drive.”,

laughing aloud.

When he did so his mum would always remember her husband behaving sometimes in the same way whatever the case was.

She would feel so bad and get so much

upset, embarrassed, guilty, sometimes insulted.

Because at that time she was thinking that she might have done something wrong.

But now she understands it was because of his personality feature or disorder perhaps, not because of herself. But she wasnt aware of these facts so

she would always relate his misbehaviours with  his addiction to alcohol.

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