Episode-29 The Boys’ Search for the Deceased Dad

The Boys’ Search for the Deceased Dad:

One day the boy said to her mum:

” I need a holiday to relax. I want to go somewhere at the seaside.”

It reminded his mum the man’s words.

Getting scared, she didnt let him go anywhere saying she didnt have that amount of money.

Of course he wasnt satisfied with the answer went on talking and talking days and nights and said about it to his brother too.

Saying that his father was alive not dead and was living in a small town by the seaside, he managed to confuse the teenage boy’s mind,too. He was too young to think in detail and to take the words uttered as ravings and nonsense things as his brother was always so persuasive. The younger one might also have wanted to believe such a nice dream.

He got so excited and talked about the story too much that their mum couldnt help saying “yes”.

On the other hand she thought they would go and look for their father and understand that the man made up the story and so they were going to forget about it.

They went together and stayed there for three days despite the little money they had. They sometimes wandered around all day long and till the morning the other day.

When she phoned they were talking as if there had been someone else with them trying to make her believe it and then laughing.

Anyway they came back and the elder one pretended to insist on what he had believed in before the trip, the younger one had to back him up because it was the first time they shared things for three days long away from home.

Day by day the old man’s words died out in her elder son’s mind. And to her surprise soon finished seeing the man any more.

She relieved and felt happy.

Days passed and the mother realised that his son might have urged or made the man memorise the words saying ” I saw a man … etc”

It was nothing else but his imagination he wanted to be true-

just a delusion.

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