Episode-27 The Insane Friend

The Insane Friend:

One evening the door bell rang. She opened the door and she stood still, shocked in the heart, in the brain…pretending that everything was normal, she welcomed his son and his friend.

The man with him was about in his 60s.

A short, thin and tanned man with scruffy, dirty smelling ragged clothes as if he was a homeless.

She didnt give up and invited them to the table for dinner, prepared a nice table and served them kindly.

They were both silent while eating and looking down on the table.

After dinner, she spoke and asked softly:

” My son likes you very much. How and where did you meet?..”

These were the questions of which answers were known.

Then, asked:

” Have you seen my husband, his father (pointing at his son)? Is that true?”

“Yes, I saw a man in a small summer town. He was very rich. He said that all these hotels, cafes belonged to him.”

” But how do you know that he was my son’s dad?”

The answer was the same. He was repeating the same things like a parrot.

Grandpa and grandma asked some more questions, too.

But the answers were not logical or wise. He was like insane.

Grandparents and mum were about to cry.

She had to ask one more question.

“Have you ever had a psychological care?”

” Yes, I had.” he said.

Everybody was shocked but her son had no reaction.

He later said:

“It wasnt something to make his claims untrue.”

Later the man told that he had been suffering from a pschological disorder for years. He had been at a hospital for a long time for medical treatment. He used some drugs and so on.

All the family were really suffering from pain, feeling pity for the man, of course for their son.

The story of a reckless, harsh, rude,

carefree, laidback boy turned to be an extremely touching one.

Not knowing what to do they said goodbye to the man, feeling exhausted everybody went to their rooms to think over what had happened and how serious it was.

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