Episode-26 My dad didnt die, He is still alive!

My dad didnt die, He is still alive!

He was acting, behaving strangely.

He was usually quiet, and leading the same routine for a long time.

He prefered spending his time in a coffee house in the neighbourhood instead of driving away.

” I spend my time at a coffee house near here. I read the newspaper and chat with a friend”

She thought it was good, he started to make friends again.

It became a passion like thing and he stayed out late at night wandering around with that friend.

She thought it would be good for him

They had met at the coffee house and became friends. He was also deeply respéctful towards his new friend that mum could feel while his son was talking about that man.

Mum got suspicious when he started to change in a different way.

He wouldnt even wash his face or shave.

He would never care about his clothes- dirty, torn- or physical appearance in those days.

Mum realised that again there was a serious thing, she asked him about his friend to find out what was going on.

His son replied:

“He knows my dad. He says he has seen my dad once and insists on his being alive at present. We talk for hours and hours sometimes sit in the park with no words but understand each other. He is so good, understanding, honest and sincere.

I like him. Mum! He says my dad is alive!”

And added that his dad had sent the man to see him. Because the man had been staring at him for days and then they became friends.

How heavy the words were!

How could he have believed in these nonesense, insane words?

Could things have been worse than this?

Her son was almost sure that his deceased dad was alive and again days and nights he questioned her and forced his mum to tell the truth-( to tell that his dad, who died from cancer about 14 years ago, is still alive!)

She was almost begging his son to stop this incredible torture, knowing that she wouldnt be able to convince him.

She said,

“Invite your friend for dinner one night, I also want to know him and understand whether he tells the truth or not.”

Mum forgot everything about finding a job for him as she understood that he would probably stay at home from then on and would never be able to work.

All the future dreams, expectations, hopes came to an end with that nightmare.

The situation was too serious.

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