Episode-25 Delusioning his Deceased Dad Alive

Delusioning his Deceased Dad Alive:

The life was getting worse and worse.

He was always blaming mum about the unsuccessful trials for having a job and the traffic fines, even accidents.

Another accident he was involved in happened again. Someone hit him in back of the car. It wasnt his carelessnes but the other driver’s.

But the worst was that he was again doubtful about the difficulties he was coming accross. The guilty was his mum all the time.

He said, “There was no reason the man hit me because you had arranged it.”

Persuading him was impossible as usual.

It wasnt so painful, biting or heartbreaking as it used to be since she was accustomed to hearing far worse ones.

Till the most painful and striking one which she understood that his son was on the verge of a disorder, perhaps beyond, defined as a delusional one. Because one day he asked if his father truly had died.

Could a normal person with good mental health have asked such a question?

He did believe that his dad wasnt dead but alive.

How challenging turmoil it was.

Difficult to describe in words.

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