Episode-24 Doubtful Thoughts False Beliefs about Mum’s Life Out Disappearing

Doubtful Thoughts False Beliefs about Mum’s Life Out Disappearing 

To his mum’s surprise he wasnt talking or blaming her about about being disloyal and being with others. He wasnt suspicious about her any more.

When she reminded and said him that how cruel his way of consideration and blaming had been towards her, he would say:

” Ok. I now realise that you hadnt done anything wrong and I am sure about your innocence ” but he would always continue:

“But there were too many things and signs to make me feel in this way”

Actually he had wanted to write his own imaginary, delusional stories and believe strictly in them.

He had been making connections with the words, events, scenes irrelevant one another in those days.

But his finishing those kinds of images and imaginary thoughts, stories about her, which were rather irritating, made her relieved at least about limiting her daily life.

She was feeling herself as free as a bird about the things being so normal.

She could even go shopping, visit a friend, come home late when she had something extra to do at work. She didnt have to call him and make an explanation about the reason or try to find an appropriate lie not to make him bothered , unhappy or depressed.

Otherwise he used to have an angry nervous mood , question her and ask ridiculous, bothering things.

His trial for another job failed again.

One of his mum’s relatives helped him start a job at an Arabic firm. Yet, on his first day he was rejected and told that he was going to be called back again but he wasnt.

His mum found out that he hadnt been careful while addressing to the other employees at work. He had been like informal, frivolous even reckless.

So the first impression failed again.

He couldnt have the self control any more.

He couldnt decide on where, when and what to speak.

His gestures and mimes had always been in an uncontrolled way and that time it was at the peak.

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