Episode-23 Carefree Life, Careless Driver

Carefree Life, Careless Driver:

His credit limit was of one month salary.

He was driving so fast that when she was in the car she would always have to warn him. He wouldnt listen to any of the warnings like not hearing her at all.

When they talked he was still complaining about the people out. They were all known by her. He was always under his mum’s control. She was arranging all the mishaps he faced.

He drove out late at night. He came back home drunken..

Every night his mum was in fear waiting for him and praying:

” For the sake of the God, may he come back home with no harm to himself or another one!”

Night after night the situation was the same.

Huge amount of money for traffic fines was to be paid.

For parking in a no parking area, listening to music aloud where not permitted and driving drunken.

All these were because of his mum. She didnt want him to be free or happy but she ,somehow, was making people follow him. She knew everything about him, where to go, what to do, …she herself had all the fines written to him by the police.

And he had his driving licence taken back by the police, traffic fine again.

He always insisted on not being guilty but his mum knew all the police officers and made them follow him.

His mum was desparetely trying to persuade him. He wouldnt believe her on no condition.

Having had his licence taken back, he didnt stop and went on driving wihout the licence.

He was again stopped one day and the car was removed and kept in a garage by the police for a while.

Mum was the only one again to be accused of the case.

Paying another high fine for it, the car was taken back.

His mum once didnt let him take the car, he went out without the car. That night he texted a message:

” You get happy when I face with difficulties. I am in great trouble. Are you pleased?”

It was one of the worst nightmares she had.

When he came back after midnight, she saw his head, eyes bumped and swollen.

He had drunken too much and quarrelled with some people.

He said that about five people had beaten him and he didnt remember how he had come home.

” You mum, you had the men attack me…”

The same thing happened once more.

She said: “How could I have such power to control the world around you and decide what would happen next time?

He replied:

“You would do that to teach me a lesson and to help me grow up…”

He said:

” However hard you tried, you will never manage to make any changes on my personality. I am not doing anything wrong. They will not be able to beat me . I am getting stronger and stronger day by day.

No one can ever overcome such a lot of difficulties like me.

I will never and never do what the others say or want me to behave in their way.

I have my own way of life … “

It was unbearable!

Nothing was working, he took the car again and again went on leading his harsh way of life.

At last he ran out of his credit limit. It was also to be paid back.

Mum didnt pay for the credit car for 3 months so it became unavailable to use then had to go to the bank and tell about the case, the manager was an understanding one. She had to pay all the money with its extra interest cut of the bank and invalidated the card.

It is now easier to take the control of him by giving a limited amount of money as to be enough for only his smoking and drinking coffee, tea…etc.

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