Episode-22 Another Trial

Another Trial:

At nights he would stay awake till early in the morning as always.

He would be at home all day sleeping.

He had no personal care at all.

In the evenings he would take the car and drive till he ran out of petrol, spent all his money.

He was taken on another job in a factory where An automotive firm producing spare parts for cars.

It was not a bare luck It was his mum arranging the job for him. He had been a trainee engineer there a few years ago.

His mum had endeavoured again and phoned the owners of the factory for a vacancy. She knew them well because she had been the teacher of their daughters at school in the past.

He was working and the mum was very happy. He liked the job too.

Everything seemed normal in the


Although he started a regular life, he was being more and more nervous day by day.

His mum was worried about his attitudes and manners at work.

In those days his mum was always warning him about the way he was wearing, the way he was talking- just slang, nervous, introvert… and the irritating angry impression on his face.

And he was dissmissed again.

He was back home almost broken down.

He had liked the job indeed but he wasnt aware of why he was made out of the work again. He was looking for other reasons out of himself, his attitudes.

He, for the first time , didnt want to lose a job, struggled hard, talked to the employer, the others …but they said “no”.

Later his mum couldnt help waiting but went to the factory to learn the real reason which she was tedious about.

Yes, the reason was again the behaviours, rudeness…

Later during a conversation he said unconciously that he had had an argument with the manager there.

Not obedient, no good relationships, irritable, unkind…

His mum, patiently, warned him that he had to pay for what he had done in life.

She just wanted to make him see his mistakes and himself.

She wanted him to learn a lesson from the happenings with the hope of a better future for him.

But he, again, said:

” It wasnt my fault at all. I didnt do anything wrong there.”

“They werent honest towards me. They were intentionally bothering me.”

“The people at work knew all about me, they were making the same sentences, uttering the words you used at home.!”

” it was a set up again.”

Things got worse.

While working, he was able to get a credit card. (although he had only one month-salary

He was out every night, spending money by the credit card without thinking how to be paid back again.

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