Episode-21 Second Trial as an Engineer

Second Trial as an Engineer:

After he got well, she wanted him to try a job again as she was feeling depressed when she saw him lie on his bed all day long.

He really didnt like to work at all.

One day, he was called for an engineering job training seminar of a week in Istanbul. To her surprise, he accepted to go there.

She was thoughtful …

He phoned back,

“Mum, how this could happen. I am in a big hotel and everything is nice. I cant be so lucky. Do you know the people here? There should be someone helping us. … “

She understood the background what he was trying to say.

She didnt make the conversation last more and went on to motivate him.

The other day when she phoned, she felt he was alone in that such crowd of people, talked to her strangely again.

Some vague words and incomplete sentences.. It was clear that he wasnt doing well there.

The other day, she phoned, he was in his room. While he answered her call, he was talking to the man at the reception at the same time and she heard the man saying:

” Your employer told us not to serve anything to you anymore.”

She felt as if a rock hit her on the head.

Thoughts, inquiries..

” What was the thing rejected to be served ?”

When she asked he said he had ordered a toast.

Was it a reasonable explanation?

Her fear came true and the next day he was at home again.

“The employer told me to leave the course, I dont know the reason”, he said.

Saying that it could

happen to anyone, she told him not to give up but to keep on looking for a job.

Actually, in other conversations they had together, she understood that he was all alone during the trainings, he had no communication with others and even the employer had warned him about that saying,

” what is the matter with you? ,

“No greetings to any one!”

“Arent you happy to be here?”

She guessed that he hadnt had a word with anyone among the crowd of participants during the time he stayed there.

As always, again,

he had given the impression of being a tough, aggressive, introvert , nervous person. Though, his mum knows he has a good sense of humour, he makes people laugh if he likes.

She also doubted about alcohol..

When it comes to this he never knows his limits.

But the worst was that he believed:

“it was his mum’s set up ” again.

She was the responsible one for the failure or for being rejected.

And she could have such a power to control the world around him and decide what would happen next time,..so on.

She would do that to teach him a lesson and to help him grow up…

False thoughts..false thoughts… away from the reality.

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