Episode-20 Accident While Working

Accident While Working:

He started the same job again. When they had the chance to talk, he was complaining again.

The same doubts about the people and her….

One day the doorbell rang at noon, what she was afraid happened.

He was back home but his foot was in plaster. He had his foot cut when he was working.

A piece of marble had fallen off from the ceiling of the lift cabin and cut his foot.

He was taken to hospital by his employer and got the necessary medical care.

It has never been his typical behaviour to give away people when they need his help.

So he didnt say to the police that it was a labour accident but, the one because of his carelessness. He did this for not making him be responsible for the case.

His mum got worried for him so much that

the expected thing happened and she didnt want him to work there anymore as it was risky.

He didnt say ‘no’. And got relaxed to be at home again.

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