Episode-19 First Job Experience

First Job Experience:

When he came back home, all the family were happy. He was supposed to learn the real life as a normal young man completing his military service.

Such a difficult task!

In those times the grandparents, uncles didn’t know about anything, the difficulties she had with him. Because she still had the hope that one day he was going to make a good beginning as a young person.

His first job interview didnt go well and nor did the second…

He was at least going to the interviews in those days-later he even didnt look for a job or go to an interview.

Still saying that he was in a surrounded set up and people were acting like they had known everything about him and they were just trying to insult him.

And he was being delibaretely exposed to these difficulties especially by his mum.

Grandma became very ill. She was suffering from cancer. She had a serious operation.

He seemed to act in a normal way. He helped us a lot.

When she was at the hospital, granddad became ill too and taken to hospital. He stayed with him there.

We were going through really hard times.

Luckily, in a newspaper his mum saw a job advertisement and persuaded him to phone.

He started as a mechanical engineer at a small firm. They were working on maintenance and adjusting lifts to


I was engaged in looking after the patients at home.

Silence for a short time but one or two weeks later, he claimed that his mum had already known the employer.

Moreover “you have arranged this work and they have just been trying to keep me busy there”

They were keeping him there busy because his mum  was going to meet or be with other people and stuff like this.

He was again feeling insulted, .. so on.

One day he came back home. But unlike his thoughts his mum was doing the usual chores at home such as cooking, the laundry etc.

She was sure that he had expected her to be somewhere else while he was away from home.

She knew that he had some weird thoughts about the people he was working with.

According to him she knew them and she was just a part of the game.

He was suspicious about her that she had some strange relationships.

She tried to persuade him that these thoughts were not normal but her trial was in vain again.

He said,

“I quitted the job”

” They are making fun of me and they say we are playing a game but not working” …so on

“They are trying to keep me busy there and to distract my attention from home ..”

He had implied this two or three times before that too.

Honestly, It wasnt something unexpected for her.

That night she had nothing else to do but tried to relieve him.

In the end she managed to persuade him to speak to his boss once more and start work again.

Because they

also needed the money. He had to do something to earn his own life.

He started work again.

It was perhaps the last time that she had been able to persuade him about something.

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