Episode-18 The Milestone

The Milestone:

Military service is the specific milestone of the disorder.

He didnt tell me in detail how the life and things were like there.

When he was there:

” Mum everybody is stupid here, all bad things happen to me, I cant get my weekend breaks because I am always punished delibaretely. They say I never obey the rules or never do what is said. But it isnt true at all I am always given a duty to fullfil, no spare time.”etc.

Complaints..as always.

Her mum wasnt even certain that he would ever complete the military service. She was again in despair, not knowing what to do. He had even tried to make his mum get a hospital report to be exempt from it.

After he returned home, it was a breaking period.

He bumped into a car on the left side while driving too fast and carelessly.

He hadnt stopped but driven away.

This was one of the most alarming cases that his mum realised how serious his condition was.

She learnt about the accident with a phone call:

” Your son hit my car and drove away. I got your phone number by means of your car number plate. He was driving so recklessly, carelessly that we were about to be killed. My pregnant wife was in the car too…”

Afterwards, she couldnt even hear the words of the man any more but only could accept to meet somewhere and pay enough money to compensate for the repair expenses.

Luckily, perhaps not, the same story was told his mum by her best friend the other day and it turned out that the man was known by her friend.

There was nothing to do but his mum paid as much money as the man asked for.

She and her friend met the men and paid for the loss. It was an important amount of money for their budget.

As to the boy, he didnt even listen to the whole story first tried to deny it then said:

“It was totally the man’s fault. “

Never did he accept he had been driving too fast.

And… never ending story started.

“You know the man. All is planned and delibaretely organized. You get pleased to make me get into trouble all the time. “

She was very happy when he completed the military service as she hadnt expected that it would be truly over.

But later the period was remembered so badly:

” You, mum, organised what had happened there. They were always ordering me odd jobs to keep me busy, make me work as you wished. “

“And I was under the surveillance of an official general all the time. It was just a cruel set up by you.

I was also being called as ‘general’. “

Hearing these memories in the army, mum realised better that he was suffering from something psychologically serious.

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