Episode-17 Mum was the person to blame

Mum was the person to blame:

There were too many exams left from the previous classes to take. He did take all of them in the last year and managed to graduate from the school.

It must have been very hard for him. His mood was worse.

When he came back, it wasn’t easy to have a conversation or even to communicate with him.

Rude, swearing at any time, arrogant, extravagant, not enough personal care!

He was going out for long hours and she didnt know where he was spending the time.

He liked to live for himself, did what he liked such as driving, eating out, sometimes swimming, going to the cinema…but alone.

At home, awake all night, sleepy all day, just a laid-back person.

Without thinking anything he would ask more money to spend, and the car to drive recklessly.

She still had the hope of his recovery if he had a proper routine in life, like work, new friendships, social activities, hobbies, pleasures and marriage…

With her trials, he attempted for some job aplications. But, the interviews were a mess.

” Everything is a set up. The people are actors. They know a lot about me. They are trying to insult me…” … etc he said.

He was blaming his own mum for his job interview failures. He always said the situations he failed in were intentionally arranged by his mum!

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